TSA trip report August 2017: The FIRST time…

Jump #237: My FIRST cutaway.

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Dropzone review: Skydive Thailand at Thai Sky Adventures

Kind of a tandem factory, but also the only full-time DZ in Southeast Asia (unless you have more than 500 jumps), so you’ll still find fun jumpers here. H8ers gonna h8, but there are loads all day, and it’s less than an hour’s drive from Bangkok. Also, USD1 beers, so who’s complaining?!

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Learn to Skydive (Part II): Getting my skydiving license at Thai Sky Adventures

I finally have the golden ticket! Here are some personal reflections on jumping out of a perfectly good airplane and also a list of my noob mistakes for you fellow beginners out there to avoid. This post is for those thinking of taking their first jump course or getting a skydiving license in Asia.

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