Snow Rehab Week 6 Recap: Free as a bird

Week 6 of 6 at snowboard bootcamp. My self-inflicted torture sesh has FINALLY come to an end.

Week 6 overview
Focus: Ski/Ride on your own
Terrain covered: Groomed piste 90%, park 5%, trees 5%
Group size: N/A – no lessons
My attendance: N/A – no lessons
This week’s snowfall: [26] cm
This week’s temperature (top of Ripper chair): -5 to +3 degrees Celsius

Week 6 recap: Free as a bird
Nothing much to report this week as there were no lessons scheduled and we were left to our own devices. For me that meant only one day on the mountain all week. And only ‘coz I wanted to ride with my housemates (we don’t get to ride together during lesson time because they are all skiers).

13 Feb- Bluebird day

Some fun with the housemates

Alleged snowfall of [26cm] this week, but it was so warm that most of it fell as rain, unless you cared to hike to sub peak or traverse to North Bowl, which of course I didn’t. Why would you hike or traverse anywhere? That’s just madness.

Poor misguided souls

I finally have a better understanding of why I’ve been having so much trouble at Revy. Since I had all this free time, I looked up Niseko trail maps and realized that the “black” runs there average about 35 degrees. Which I reckon is mellower than some parts of Snow Rodeo (a blue run at Revy). And so, I have decided to restrict myself to a 45 degree maximum incline from now on. See? I’ve learnt so much about myself after six weeks. Namely, that I do NOT like anything involving steeps, ice, traversing or hiking. Amen.

This is a blue run?

Only 3 more sleeps before leaving on a jet plane to Niseko! Hello, Japow!

Date of activity: 13-17 February 2017
Location: Revelstoke Mountain Resort, BC, Canada
Operator: Snow Rehab
Rate I paid: GBP4,635 for 6-week snowboard improvement course (incl. 6 weeks’ accommodation, season lift pass, weekday lessons and evening meals)
Booking: Direct via Snow Rehab website
Hotel we stayed: The Sutton Place Hotel (quad share condo unit on mountain)

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