Snow Rehab Week 5 Recap: Skivers unite!

Week 5 of 6 at snowboard bootcamp. All work and no play makes me a dull person. Therefore I skived off lessons this entire week!

Week 5 overview
Focus: [Who knows, I was skiving]
Terrain covered: [Who knows, I was skiving]
Group size: 1 instructor trainer / 8 participants
My attendance: 10%
This week’s snowfall: 41 cm
This week’s temperature (top of Ripper chair): -5 to -18 degrees Celsius

Week 5 recap: Skivers unite!
Rediscovered my love for snowboarding this week since there was SNOW. Plus I decided not to torture my poor classmates any more with my turtle speed, and just ride on my own. I did TRY to join the class on Monday but made my escape after the first run, which involved charging down Separate Reality (ungroomed black) and Tasty Glades (a tree run) at top speed. Meh.

Relaxing in the sun with fellow skiver (PC: SS)

No regrets skiving at all, because apparently a lot of traversing, hiking, and hurtling down tree runs happened this week. If this sounds like fun to you then by all means sign up for Snow Rehab next season! I, however, prefer to find my powder on piste or just off the sides. kthxbye.

9 Feb- A proper pow day at last

Why hike when there are knee deeps on piste

As you know I signed up for this improvement course at Revy because I idealistically THOUGHT I wanted to improve my riding, while gaining experience on steeps (Revy purportedly offers the most vertical in N. America/Canada). I must now face reality- I do NOT like to be out of my comfort zone. At all. What I like is to have a relaxed slide-around (on snow NOT ICE), followed by a hearty lunch, then luxuriating in a hot bath. And this, my friends, is what I did all week.

Skivers’ lunch at Main Street Cafe

Killer desserts at The Modern Bakery

Even had time for a mid-week ski lesson with my housemate, who tested out her brand new instructor skills on me. Unfortunately the student got distracted mid-way and zoomed off the edge of the cat track. Oops.

My private ski instructor

Top beginner tip- don’t chat and ski (PC: SS)

Most fun I’ve had since I arrived at this icy nightmare of a resort.

Date of activity: 6-10 February 2017
Location: Revelstoke Mountain Resort, BC, Canada
Operator: Snow Rehab
Rate I paid: GBP4,635 for 6-week snowboard improvement course (incl. 6 weeks’ accommodation, season lift pass, weekday lessons and evening meals)
Booking: Direct via Snow Rehab website
Hotel we stayed: The Sutton Place Hotel (quad share condo unit on mountain)

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7 responses to “Snow Rehab Week 5 Recap: Skivers unite!

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  2. Hi cant wait to read ur update on week 6 bootcamp. Hahahah love skivving. Anyway its all abt the fun that is the most impt isnt it? I also concur with u that this journey is foreveralone. Started skiing in december 2015, and got addicted to it. Just came back from niseko and now missing it so much! Anyway, this yr, although theres a lot of snowing, but the weather is too cold so the snow is not so ideal as last yr. 😧


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