Snow Rehab Week 2 Recap: Broken and bruised

Week 2 of 6 at snowboard bootcamp. Revy has finally broken me- I have never been riding so horribly.

Week 2 overview
Focus: Rider improvement
Terrain covered: Trees 40%, groomed piste 30%, ungroomed piste and moguls 25%, park 5%
Group size: 1 instructor trainer / 5 participants
My attendance: 90%
This week’s snowfall: 42cm
This week’s temperature (top of Ripper chair): -3 to -7 degrees Celsius

Week 2 recap: Broken and bruised
Temperatures went back to normal this week – what a relief. For the second week of bootcamp, the groups were randomly mixed again and I unfortunately ended up in the group with the faster riders. First two days were icy and miserable and I pretty much lost all my confidence in my riding. I guess I’ve finally reached the point where the mountain has broken me (to hopefully build me up?)- could barely even link turns on the blues as I kept tipping back on my heel side. OR….have I always been riding with this bad habit? Hmmm. Oakley goggles broke otw to Revelstoke so ordered some cheapo made-in-Shenzhen goggles. Seem to work okay, although a little bit wide for my face so the dreaded goggle gap keeps happening. May consider wearing it under my helmet for a better fit.

China goggles ordered on Amazon (CAD70)

Mid-week finally brought some new snow (about 20cm) and my riding definitely perked up after that. Our instructor Nick even mentioned that I was a whole new person. Obviously it is easier to ride in pow because you know that you won’t die when you catch an edge! He was also very pleased when I said I wanted to go to the park and hit my first box. The look on his face when I did it perfectly (it was a tiny one though) was absolutely priceless.

Finally some good stuff

Because of the new snow, we spent quite a lot of time in the trees. On one of my face plants I almost got stabbed by a hidden stump that was just an inch from my ribs, but otherwise it was not too torturous. Happy to report that my tree riding improved *slightly* by the end of the week.

Hey this is more like it

We also did a hike to the North bowl (about 15 minutes). I absolutely detest hiking. Why can’t they just build more chairlifts? And it was bloody steep too. I had to ass-side warrior it down almost the whole way. FML.

The legendary North bowl

Wait, are we riding through that tiny gap?

Video analysis on the last day of the week just confirmed all my bad habits – tipping back too much on the heel side, leaning into the mountain on toe side, stiff knees. And all exacerbated by my irrational fear of steeps. Boo.

Hope we don’t get eaten

In other news, I visited the resort boot-fitter on Thursday and apparently, I have been riding overly-large boots for the past few seasons. I just never realized my feet were swimming around in my boots because all my previous trips have been so short. Luckily I managed to snag a pair of 2016 Salomon Kiana boots at an unbelievable price of CAD152 (after 50% discount) at Society Snow in Revelstoke town – whee! Next week is gonna be a new me! As if.

Really hope not to be last in class next week. That’s my only aim for now.

Date of activity: 16-20 January 2017
Location: Revelstoke Mountain Resort, BC, Canada
Operator: Snow Rehab
Rate I paid: GBP4,635 for 6-week snowboard improvement course (incl. 6 weeks’ accommodation, season lift pass, weekday lessons and evening meals)
Booking: Direct via Snow Rehab website
Hotel we stayed: The Sutton Place Hotel (quad share condo unit on mountain)

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