Skiing for Singaporeans (Common myths)

If you are considering taking up snow sports, read this before you believe anything silly from non-skiers!! 3 things that I *always* hear in tropical Singapore from people who have never skied a day in their lives (especially well-meaning and concerned aunties):

I just want to try it out for 2 hours to see if I like it
First, skiing is a sport. Like any other sport, it requires time and effort. You didn’t pick up tennis or roller-blading in 2 hours right? So it is also highly unlikely that you can ski with style after just 2 hours (yes I know it looks easy on TV). There is nothing wrong with trying it out, but plssssss try it for at least 3 full days. You can only experience the “fun” part when you have reached a certain level of proficiency (before which you will be falling down a lot and it can be very frustrating).

The Ski Korea Winter Sonata tour is much cheaper leh…
There is no skiing involved on ski packages marketed by Singapore travel agents. These packages typically include shopping excursions (buying ginseng and pearls etc.), sight-seeing, and 1 night at a small ski resort to “see” the snow. That is why they are cheaper than a real ski trip that will include gear rental, lessons, lift passes (to ride the chairlifts- see picture below).

After 2 hours of floundering about without a ski instructor, you will end up hating it, like how you hated tennis when you had to run around picking up all those balls you missed.  So do yourself a favour and organize your own ski trip with at least 3 full ski days.

Skiing must be very dangerous right? Even Schumacher got injured.
Skiing is not dangerous just because Schumacher fell down and hit his head on a rock. Schumacher was doing the equivalent of driving his Formula 1 car, namely, skiing off-piste in icy conditions. Living in our tropical paradise, it is unlikely that you or I will ever ski at his level of proficiency.

Having said that, you may get injured from falling down or crashing into people. It would be best to take lessons to learn the proper techniques and etiquette to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Ready to ski???? Read on for FAQs!


What a “magic carpet”/learners area looks like
(First timers usually learn on these very gentle slopes,
with conveyor belts to get you to the top)

What a chairlift looks like
(You ride these to the top after you progress to the actual slopes)


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